Traffic review long overdue says McClarty

THE traffic system in Coleraine is long overdue a review, according to independent councillor David McClarty.

Speaking at last Tuesday night’s Policy and Development meeting, the councillor asked for an update on the review of Coleraine’s traffic system.

“We have spent so much time talking about it, it is long overdue, I just wonder where we are at with it?”

Chief Executive, Roger Wilson told the councillor that the traffic system was one of the central strands in the Coleraine Masterplan.

Maura Mann, Head of Development Services added that councillors would be given a briefing on the masterplan at the next meeting.

At the meeting, the Paul Hogarth Company will present the final draft of the Coleraine Town Centre Masterplan.

The presentation will give members a chance to have a final view of the Masterplan following the public consultation process.

It is hoped that the masterplan will be launched by the Minister next month.