Woman driver in N.I. thought she was giving one finger salute to ordinary motorist but it was really the PSNI

A female motorist who made an obscene gesture to the driver of another car after she almost caused a road traffic collision was left with egg on her face when she realised the vehicle was actually an unmarked PSNI car.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 11:13 am

The incident occurred in Coleraine, Co. Londonderry on Tuesday evening.

The female motorist was observed by police using two lanes as she made her way past a roundabout.

"There was a deafening silence when we had to stop a motorist whose lane discipline was far from good," confirmed the PSNI.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening.

"She seemed to think that the roundabouts two lanes belonged to her and that our unmarked car did not belong there

"As we sounded the cars horn to signal our presence and prevent a collision she decided to wave at us frantically using just one finger." added police.

The female driver pulled in as soon as she realised the vehicle was actually an unmarked PSNI car and proceeded to deny everything.

"When we stopped to have that awkward conversation with her she claimed she was just waving at us.

"Motorists please remember your lane discipline and remember the way to signal a motoring mistake is not using one finger," stated police.