Tunnel got you all talking

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The fascinating story about the tunnel find in Coleraine last Wednesday pulled in over 20,000 hits to our website, colerainetimes.co.uk.

Thanks to Times reader Maurice Platt who kindly supplying the photograph that grabbed your attention, and got social media users interacting on our Facebook page.

The fascinating story was also used by sites belonging to our sister newspapers, The Derry Journal and The Newsletter, pulling in big hits by interested readers.

As we waited on a specialist DoE archeologist to examine the site and report the findings, social media users began speculating on what the tunnel may be.

Jennifer Cunningham from Coleraine Historical Society said that she believed the tunnel was built in the last 500 years. In a video for The Newsletter, Jennifer speculated that the red brick in the tunnel suggested that the tunnel was “reasonably modern”.

This story really got you all talking - many folk even made a trip into to town to see what all the fuss was about.

The increased footfall around the area, prompted Northern Ireland Water to remind people of the dangers of accessing the site.

Following a visit from a specialist, who inspected the site, Northern Ireland Water resealed the opening, and the repair works that had been halted because of the find, were completed on Friday.