Turning Lads into 2 Dads!

OPPORTUNITY Youth, Northern Ireland’s leading provider of support services to young people, adult offenders and families in the community, are looking to recruit young men to take part in an innovative and educational parenting project called Lads 2 Dads.

The scheme will help equip young men aged between 16 and 25 with vital skills to cope with the responsibility of fatherhood and includes an accredited qualification in parenting skills.

Project co-ordinator Cieran McAuley said: “Becoming a father at any age can be a daunting experience but it is an even greater responsibility for men at the lower end of the age spectrum.

“Opportunity Youth’s Lads 2 Dads programme is designed to help young men cope with fatherhood and support them as they adjust to this life-changing experience.

“This scheme attempts to confront and address the issues faced by young fathers and give them a better understanding of the social and emotional journey ahead.

“Lads 2 Dads offers advice and guidance on a whole range of relevant issues such as how to engage with children, a father’s right within the law, sexual health and positive lifestyle choices.

“Lads 2 Dads is also a great opportunity for young fathers to meet others in the same situation and allows them to share and learn from each other’s experiences.”

Lads 2 Dads will operate in the Coleraine area and involves a 12-week course in parenting skills. At the end of the course participants will be presented with a recognised qualification.

The scheme is open to biological fathers, step-fathers, pre-fathers and father figures aged between 16 and 25.

Anyone wishing to take part in the programme should contact Cieran McAuley on 02890 435 810.