UKIP calls for more investment

Steven Parkhill, the UKIP representative in East Londonderry says our manufacturing industry is in ‘crisis’.

He said: “Just a week after Michelin announced the phased rundown of its Ballymena facility, Caterpillar, Invista and Schrader Electronics have all announced job losses too. These job losses will have a detrimental knock-on effect on other local businesses and the families and communities they support. It’s time the Northern Ireland Executive especially the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, woke up and took action before our manufacturing industry is confined to the history books.”

He went on: “ To create a more prosperous society, it’s time the Government started encouraging investment and supporting business. Sadly, we have an enterprise Minister who would rather resign eleven times in three weeks than be pro-active with the task of securing much needed investment.

“The old local parties are failing to deliver for the people where it really matters, in job creation, growing the economy and providing a brighter future for the next generation. UKIP is offering Northern Ireland a new kind of politics centred on the needs of the people.