UKIP candidate critical of Ulster University funding


UKIP’s East Londonderry candidate Steven Parkhill has welcomed funding which was awarded to Ulster University by the department for employment and learning.

Parkhill says “It’s great to hear that my alma mater, Ulster University, Coleraine has received funding from the Department for Employment and Learning to build a modern, state of the art sports facility on campus.

“I’ve no doubt this development will be a huge positive for the students, staff and local community.

“However only a few months ago the Department for Employment and Learning cut the subsidies given to Ulster University by £8.6million, this means 1,250 student places and 200 jobs are at risk and has led to the closure and streamlining of courses such as modern languages, maths and business management.

“Underfunding higher education is a failure to invest in our economy, in our healthcare system, in our society and in our individuals.

“Wouldn’t this significant investment of £5.1Million have been better served protecting teaching quality, and investing in the future generations of people?”