Underage drinking operating by police at Christie Park

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POLICE have been stepping up their presence in the Christie Park area of Coleraine, particularLY, the subway leading to Screen Road and along the River Bann.

This follows community concerns raised around youths drinking and general anti-social behaviour in the area over Christmas and new year. Indeed over the last week, officers, both in uniform and in plain clothes, seized and disposed of around 11 litres of alcohol from underage drinkers in the area.

Police also believe that drinkers have been leaving broken glass along the paths, posing problems for dog walkers and other people who use the park.

Police will continue to check the area and seize alcohol from underage drinkers where they can. Police also seek the support of parents in making sure that their children are not abusing alcohol in this way. It is also important to remind adults that it is an offence to buy alcohol for a minor.

If you see underage drinking or antisocial behaviour in this, or indeed any area throughout Coleraine, please contact police on 0845 600 8000.