Up front are back!

UPFRONT are on their way to the entertainment scene.

The Triangle's No1 boy band are reforming for a special night of fundraising entertainment hosted by Portrush Music Society.

The fundraiser will take place on Friday, February 25 in the Magherabuoy Hose Hotel and aims at injecting some life and glamour back into the North Coast again.

Karen Lennon of Portrush Music Society told the Times: "The aim of the night is to let the community know that there are still local businesses, clubs and societies out there who have beaten the recession.

"The night will consist of a themed fashion show with local boutiques and stores providing the clothing.

"However the highlight of the night will be the comeback of the North Coast's first and most successful boyband to date - Up-front.

"The boys had a massive follow Portrush Music Society to host fundraiser and reintroduce Triangle's favourite boy band. They have been asked many times to reform over the years but it just never happened.

"However the time is now right and the boys are ready to make their comeback and in just one day, on the creation of a Facebook page dedicated to them,

they notched up over 400 followers.

"On the night doors open at 7.30pm. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to Portrush Music Society's chosen charity for the year and a percentage will also be ploughed back into the society."

Upfront members Jonny Johnston, Leroy Dempster, Marcus Stewart (Marky) and Richard Bamford (Bambi) are all delighted to be making a comeback and are hard at work rehearsing all the songs we know and love from Westlife to Boyzone.

Leroy is currently a member of Portrush Music Society and will also be taking a leading role in their April production of 42nd Street in the Riverside Theatre while Johnny will be delighting audiences next week in Coleraine Provincial Player's production of Aladdin in the Town Hall.

If anyone would like tickets for the relaunch of Upfront and the fundraising evening for the Music Society, they should email Karen at kaza1_2000@yahoo.co.uk