Valedictory celebration at Coleraine High School

Mrs Anne Bell (Headmistress), Ms Claire Sugden (Local Polititian who was a former High School pupil) and Mr Michael Wilson (Chairman Board of Governors) pictured at the Coleraine High School Prize Evening on Thursday. INCR37-304PL
Mrs Anne Bell (Headmistress), Ms Claire Sugden (Local Polititian who was a former High School pupil) and Mr Michael Wilson (Chairman Board of Governors) pictured at the Coleraine High School Prize Evening on Thursday. INCR37-304PL

The last ever pupils to sit GCSEs and A Levels at Coleraine High School celebrated their successes at a special vaedictory in the school last Thursday night.

In her speech Anne Bell, out-going Principal of Coleraine High School paid tribute to the staff and pupils in her speech.

“This past year in particular has been a very stressful one for both staff and pupils and it is to their credit that we celebrate another year of excellent results at GCSE and A Level.

“We had 100% pass rate at A2 and, apart from the girls who are taking a gap year, all pupils will continue to further and higher education.

83 percent of the girls were successfu in obtaining their first choice of university and course and 94percent will progress to further or 
higher education or 

“Six percent are waiting for a decision to be made on their application. 43 percent will be continuing their studies in Northern Ireland of which

23 pecent will be attending Queen’s University Belfast; 18 percent University of Ulster; and 2 percent College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise.

“We had 100 percent success rate with our applications to Stranmillis University College, an excellent achievement against stiff competition. 41 percent will study in England or Scotland and 1 percent, Erin Barry, 
in America.

“Eight percent have chosen an apprenticeship, 1 percent a gap year and 6 percent are pending a decision from their university of choice. This could only be achieved by the excellent careers advice they have been given under the leadership of Miss West-Hurst and her Department. They have been guided since Year 10 to identify their strengths which has enabled them to select the correct subjects at GCSE and A Level and has given them the knowledge and skill to progress to the next stage of their educational career.

“An increase in A* grades from 6.1% last year to 9% this year is a most commendable achievement.”

Commenting further, Mrs Bell went on: “Erin Barry achieved an outstanding 4 A*s and has secured a rowing scholarship to study at Stanford University in California - what a wonderful 

“Rachel Aitcheson achieved 3A*s and 1A grade and will study Architecture at Queen’s University, Belfast. Eva Lennox achieved 3 A* and will study Dentistry at University of Sheffield. Rebecca Connor achieved 1A* and 3 A grades and will study Physics at the University of Bristol. Jessica Lee, Kiera Oluwunmi, Olivia Smyth, Katie Steele and Emma Whitmarsh achieved 3 A*/A grades.

“87 percent of all grades achieved at A*-C and we wish the girls well as they continue their studies.

“The Chemistry, Further Mathematics and German Departments had 100 percent pass rate at AS level 30.7 percent of the grades awarded were at A grade and the following eight girls achieved 4 A grades at AS level laying a very sound foundation for A2.

“They are Hannah Anderson, Sarah Barr, Elizabeth Graham, Sarah Kennedy, Chloe Lennox, Abigail Lynas, Marie Richmond and Abbie Wallace. A further eight girls achieved 3 A grades, Clare Gibson, Sophie Glass, Kathryn Hewitt, Natasha Khan, Emily McConaghie, Aimee Rankin, Carrie White and Lois Wilsdon. “The French and German Departments had 100% pass rate 
at A/B.

“Our GCSE results were equally pleasing with 52% of the grades awarded at A*/A.

“We had introduced a coaching programme at Key Stage 4 with the purpose of increasing our percentage grades at A*/B and while this may not be the only reason, I am delighted that we realised an increase from 78% last year to 81% this year.

“Five girls achieved 11 A*s, Grace Carson, Kit Hutchinson, Ruth Mullan, Grace Richmond and Rebekah Douglas. A further ten girls achieved 11 A*/A grades, Natasha Brownlee, Koren Ferguson, Sophie Jinks, Jordan Kilgore, Sasha Richardson, Ciara Richmond, Sydney Rosier, Katherine Gawne, Emma McCaughern and Hannah Scott.

“81 percent of the grades were at A*/B and Physics, Music and PE achieved 100% pass rate at A*/B.”