Cllr Darryl Wilson
Cllr Darryl Wilson

Shocking video footage of a teenage girl being assaulted outside Ballymoney’s Tesco store has emerged on YouTube.

And, the Borough’s Deputy Mayor, Ballymoney man Cllr Darryl Wilson has called on both the PSNI and the PCSP to outline their strategy on bullying and social media.

The father-of-two said his “blood ran cold” when he watched the footage after being contacted by “countless constituents” about the video which shows one teenage girl being attacked by two other teens - while a third person filmed the incident on a mobile phone.

Cllr Wilson said: “I have two daughters of 12 and 14 and when I watched the footage, my blood ran cold as I would be horrified to think that someone could do that to my daughters.

“What made it all the worse was that someone recorded it and uploaded it which means that the victim’s humiliation and suffering carries on.

“I know Tesco in Ballymoney well and there are always people sitting in cars in the car park and people in the store and yet no one came forward while that was happening.

“It is very scary and shocking as the people involved show no remorse for what they are doing to that girl.”

Cllr Wilson added that he had made enquiries regarding the incident with PSNI and the PCSP and said he looks forward to hearing back from the m on what action will be taken.

A PSNI spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating an assault on a teenage girl in the Castle Street area of Ballymoney. Footage of the assault was posted on social media in recent days.

“Initial enquiries indicate that this assault took place a number of months ago. The police investigation is continuing.”