Visit to RDA for CRUN

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200
VLUU P1200 / Samsung P1200

Causeway Rural and Urban Network (CRUN) held their AGM last month at the RDA Causeway Coast Arena.

The atmosphere was lively and after all the business was taken care off and the directors mwere re elected they were then given a display of dressage manoeuvres by three very talented young riders from the RDA.

All three riders have disabilities and yet were able to complete to a very high standard.

It was very rewarding to see the young riders performing and having so much fun and the experience will be remembered by the spectators for quite some time.

Ann McNickle the manager of CRUN pointed out that anyone who is looking for a volunteering opportunity, with huge personal satisfaction, should call out at the RDA where a warm welcome awaits.

Ann sent her thanks to Albert Clyde for hosting the event, and thanked the three riders, Tobin Greer, Louise Greer and James Christie, and their instructor on the night, Helen Christie.