‘Voyage of discovery’ at the Riverside!

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Coleraine’s Riverside Theatre has two fabulous drama presentations on this week, each quite different!

This Wednesday, February 10, it’s the play based on Samuel Beckett’s classic novel, MOLLOY – brought to Riverside by Ireland’s Gare St Lazare Theatre Company.

Then on Friday, Professor Tony Bareham directs a most unusual production entitled ‘Seats of Pleasure’.

Jeremy Lewis, Tony Bareham and Johanne Woods invite you to join them at the Riverside as they go back in time to explore the pleasures of eighteenth century relaxation and entertainment.

Fireworks, nightingales, and a whole feast of music beckons. You can enjoy the company of Samuel Pepys, Henry Fielding, and Fanny Burney among others who will be there to entertain us, and the proceedings are enlivened by Handel at his most robust, with help from some of the delightful English composers of the time.

And from Canaletto to Cruikshank a host of artists will give us a visual treat – and some strange sights as well!

On a good evening the Garden might play host to anything up to eleven thousand enthusiastic visitors.

But you can avoid the crush!

Come and enjoy all the fun whilst avoiding the pickpockets, the thieves and the ladies of ‘negotiable virtue’. The Riverside has never done anything quite like this before, and the voyage of discovery is only available for one night.

Looking ahead to later this month, mind reader David Meade makes a welcome return on Saturday, February 20.

Back on stage with his amazing new show - FAKE BELIEVE - billed as his most ambitious live show yet! TV’s fastest rising star is returning to the stage following a sell out 2015 tour, with a show that is as hilarious as it is jaw dropping.

He reveals PIN numbers, detects lies, reveals secret thoughts, and influences those around him with seemingly inexplicable results!

On February 27, country legend Charlie Landsborough to entertain local audiences. His talent for spinning a yarn offers a fine complement to his music.

To book visit www.riversidetheatre.org.uk or in person via 02870 123 123