Warning about Fake ID use


POLICE in Portrush are working with local nightclubs in a bid to stamp out the problem of under age persons attempting to gain entry into licenced premises.

They have revealed that in September 50 young people were detected in the area trying to use fake forms of identification.

Portrush Neighbourhood Policing Team are taking a robust approach to offenders and are working closely with the local nighclubs and licenced premises to catch any offenders

It is believed that many of the young people are not aware of the offences connected with fake ID and the consequences associated with it.

It is an offence to have in your possession any form of idenification which is false, altered or belonging to someone else and if these are used the young person could be guilty of committing offences under the fraud legislation.

A conviction for fraud could also have knock on consequences at a later stage ie when applying for university, a job, travel to certain countries even when applying for a mortgage or loan.

It should also be noted that if you lend your identification to someone else, and it is used to assit them in committting the offence then the owner of the ID may also face prosecution.

In the month of September alone, police worked alongside door staff and have detected almost 50 youths who its believed have committed an offence relating to fake ID.

Police would also like to appeal to parents regarding this matter.

If your son or daughter is using someone elses ID and they are involved in an accident it will take longer for them to be correctly identified which could have life threatening consequences.

If you have any concerns regarding this or would just like to speak to police please contact Portrush policing team on 0845 600 8000.