Wash your hands – a serious message!

TODAY - Saturday 5th May is World Hand Hygiene Day.

To mark the event, the Northern Trust will hold awareness raising sessions at the Causeway hospitals this coming week.

Visitors to the hospitals may be invited, by infection prevention and control staff, to take part in a simple hand washing test.

Using ultra-violet light boxes it is possible to determine whether or not people have washed their hands effectively.

Naomi Baldwin who is Lead Nurse in Infection Prevention and Control in the Northern Trust explains.

“The test is a bit of fun really, but with a very serious message. We are inviting people to wash their hands and then submit them to inspection under ultra-violet light to examine just how well they have managed. This is very important when visiting hospital or even caring for anyone who is ill at home.

“World Hand Hygiene Day is promoted by the Trust every year to underline just how vital proper hand cleanliness is, particularly in health care settings, in helping to prevent the spread of infection.

“We hope this simple event will highlight the issue and encourage people to wash their hands and to use disinfectant gel when they visit hospital.”