WATCH: Portrush singer is internet sensation Down Under!

When Portrush singer Dave Mullan decided he would busk at Sydney’s Central Station earlier this week - little did he know that he would become an internet sensation.

Dave (25) is in Sydney after taking a year out after University.

On Tuesday, Dave, who has peformed locally with Ballywillan Drama Group, decided to busk at the bustling station on a rare day off.

“The Station has a strong footfall and great surroundings for music,” told Dave.

“It’s also a way for me to gain more exposure for my music,” he explained to The Colearine Times this morning.

“I was in the middle of playing Justin Biebers new song ‘Love Yourself’, when a woman stopped me.

“She said she worked for the Daily Telegraph and asked could she video me.

“I sang, and she recorded a few songs, telling me to keep a look out on Facebook - so a few hours later I looked at my phone, and was in total shock when I saw my video online!

“It was a huge complement. I don’t busk for the money. I sing because I love the smiles it brings as cheesy as that sounds.

“But I just love doing it! Any exposure is also amazing.”

So far the video of our local star has been viewed over 17,000 times.

“My music page has jumped in likes and I’ve been private messaged by total strangers asking to sing for them,” said an excited Dave.

“People back home are very suportive! I’m on a high, but keeping level headed.”

Whilst in Australia, Dave has signed to an Indie label: “I have two originals being released very soon on itunes, Spotify and Australian radio, from my EP “Reading letters”.

Another song ‘Dazed’ is getting really good responses when I peform it in bars and on the streets, so I am very excited about songs,” he said.