Waterside area is revitalised

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Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has visited Coleraine Town centre to review the completed £300,000 revitalisation scheme on Waterside and Bridge Street.

The funding was made available to local traders through grants.

The money was used to update their premises with painting, new shop fronts and signage.

In addition a new civic space was created in a derelict site and a number of marketing events have been scheduled, aimed at bringing vitality back into this area of the town.

A total of 33 properties benefited from the scheme. Improvementincluded the painting of properties, new shop-fronts and new signage.

Minister McCausland said: “I believe this investment will attract more people to visit the area and spend time there. In turn this will improve the economic life of the area and will help to sustain and develop local businesses and make a big difference to those people who live and work there.”

The Minister also noted the role played by Coleraine Borough Council and the steering group formed to deliver the revitalise scheme and thanked everyone involved. He said: “Regeneration succeeds best when it is based on partnership: partnership between business, Government and the wider community. It is important that all the stakeholders involved work collaboratively.”

Mayor of Coleraine, Cllr David Harding said: “The Coleraine Revitalise Programme, funded by the Department for Social Development, has been very successful in the Waterside and Bridge Street area of Coleraine.

“A total of thirty-three properties along with public areas have been enhanced through this scheme, including a new park area at Bridge Street.

“All of this work helps to grow the positive perception of the Waterside and Bridge Street area as an attractive shopping, service and hospitality destination.

“Council is grateful to the Department for Social Development for their support and to all the members of the steering group who assisted Coleraine Borough Council in facilitating this worthwhile programme.

“Partnership working across the agencies along with local business participation has ensured the success of the scheme. I am delighted to see the transformation that has taken place and I hope that the people of Coleraine will share my pride in the enhancement of this historic part of our town.”