Watton to run in East Londonderry

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Coleraine councillor Russell Watton has been announced as the PUP’s candidate for the forthcoming Assembly election.

Announcing the candidates at the weekend, PUP Leader Billy Hutchinson, “We look forward to contesting the forthcoming elections and providing a real alternative to the mainstream Unionist parties through our brand of progressive unionism.

“We will continue to work for social transformation, putting the interests of ordinary working-class people and the most vulnerable and marginalised in society first.”

Cllr Hutchinson continued, “All our candidates are committed to representing people through developing progressive policies which make communities better places to live. Our forthcoming manifesto will highlight a range of policies and initiatives that are innovative and which set the Progressive Unionist Party apart as the only progressive alternative in Northern Ireland.”

The Coleraine councillor said he was ‘delighted’ to be selected by his party.