Wee Ewan gets the all clear after long wait

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A TEN-year-old boy from Coleraine, diagnosed twice in the past with brain tumours, who had been waiting two years for a routine scan that could show any recurrence of the disease, has received the all clear this week.

Ewan MacKerracher was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2010 at the age of five.

He underwent 12-hour surgery which severely damaged his neck and jaw muscles but after fighting his way back to recovery the tumour recurred in 2012.

A further ten-hour operation followed.

Ewan’s family was told the surgery had been successful but he would need MRI scans every six months to ensure there was no regrowth of the tumour. However the family struggled to obtain a scan appointment for two years.

The Brain Tumour Charity highlighted the family’s plight to the press and last week Ewan was offered a scan.

Kerrie said: “We are utterly relieved and delighted to not only have secured Ewan’s MRI appointment but also to have received the fantastic news that they have given us his results so quickly and they are clear.

“We will now be able to relax and enjoy Christmas, happy in the knowledge that any headaches Ewan may have are not tumour related.

“Thank you to The Brain Tumour Charity who helped us get the scan we were waiting for so desperately.”

The Brain Tumour Charity’s Operations manager for Northern Ireland Richard Devlin said: “We are all delighted that the family have had such good news in time for Christmas.”