Weigh to go George! Mayor’s fitness drive

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Coleraine mayor, councillor George Duddy has vowed to keep trim and healthy during his term of office.

To kick start his fitnes regime, he signed up to the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland Mayoral Weigh-In Challenge.

Councillor Duddy is determined to start a weight maintenance programme during his mayorship to ensure that he does not put pile on the pounds through the many engagements he attends.

Speaking at the weigh-in he said: “As Mayor of Coleraine I’ve noticed how quickly a few extra pounds can be added from sampling some of the food delights served at the engagements and functions I attend.

“British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland Weigh-In Challenge will support me in limiting limiting any excess weight gain and help prevent any increased risk of heart disease and diabetes associated with weight gain.

“This is a fantastic cause which I would ask the public to consider making a donation. Throughout the challenge I hope to not only keep in shape and keep heart healthy but also encourage everyone to be mindful of their heart and the importance of keeping their heart healthy.”

Patricia Nevin, Health Care Assistant from the Coronary Care Unit at Causeway Hospital attended the ‘Mayoral Weigh-In’ and calculated the Mayors weight and Body Mass Index.

This will then be monitored throughout his term as Mayor.

Gary Wilson British Heart Foundation Fundraising Volunteer Manager said,” We are delighted to see the Mayor promoting a healthy lifestyle to the local community by taking on this challenge.

“Eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise helps to keep your heart healthy and we hope that by setting this good example the Mayor will help to keep the whole community motivated to improve their heart health.”

Any sponsorship donated to the challenge will be gifted to British Heart Foundation ‘Mending Broken Hearts Appeal’ which Council has been supporting as part of their Coleraine Heart Town Campaign.

If you would like to sponsor Mayor Duddy please do so online by going to councillor Duddy’s donation page www.justgiving.com/George-Duddy


For more information about Heart Health visit British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland website on http://www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved/in-your-area/northern-ireland.aspx.