Welcome visitors at Fairhead Club

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Last Tuesday the Ballycastle-based Fairhead Photographic Club had the privilege of a surprise visit from one of Scotland’s leading amateur photographers Mrs Margaret Elliot of Dumfries Camera Club.

This is one of the most successful amateur photographic Clubs in Scotland and is consistently in the top five in the UK. Mrs Elliot is a Past Chairman of her Club, an office-bearer in the Scottish Photographic Federation.

Fairhead Club Chairman Kieran Casey gave Mrs Elliot and her husband Jim a warm welcome to the local club: “We hope the delights of our North Coast will bring you back again to photograph the lesser-known photographic treasures of this area as well as the internationally-renowned Giant’s Causeway and The Dark Hedges of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame”.

Several Fairhead Club members offered to show the visitors some of these ‘hidden delights’ during their time here.

Incoming President of the Dumfries Club is Rod Wheelans, Hon PAGB one of the most distinguished photographers in these islands, Past-President of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and a Fellow of both the Royal Photographic Association and the Irish Photographic Federation. The possibility of a creative relationship between the Fairhead and Dumfries Clubs was mooted. The other visitor was local professional photographer Paula Pullman, Judge for the evening’s main activity, the Fairhead Club’s October Competition. A specialist in portraiture and wedding photography Paula emphasised that in judging she would apply three criteria: the ‘rule of thirds’ (the main point of interest being placed on an intersection of three imaginary lines, top to bottom and left to right); good exposure and visual impact.

She proceeded to make apposite and helpful comments on every print and projected image presented by the good turn-out of members.

The list of the main winners was as follows:

Competition results

Round 2 - Open 25 October

Novice colour: 1st Lammas Fair Day by Maire Brennan, 2nd The Light by Maire Brennan, 3rd Through the reeds by Liz Ma

Novice section : Color Prints: 1 and 2, Mairie Brennan; 3, Liz Marsh : Highly Commended: Sian Wie and Brenda McMullan

Mono Prints (i.e. Black and White) : 1, Maire Brennan 2, Sue McBean 3, Maire Brennan; HC, Sian Wie

PDIs (Projected Digital Images): 1 and 2, David McKeown, 3, Caoimhe Harkin

Advanced section:

Color Prints: 1, Mary Hill 2, Pete Irvine 3, Anne McDonnell; HC Evita Browne, Kieran Casey, Kathy Stewart

Mono Prints: 1 and 2 Pete Irvoice, 3 Evita Browne; HC, Pete Irvine, Mary Hill, Anne McDonnell

PDIs: 1 and 3 Pete Irvine, 2 Evita Browne; HC Kathy Stewart, Evita Browne, Mary Hill, A P Cameron Mitchell

The next Fairhead Club meeting promises to be special - a photographic account by Club-member Peter Irvine of two recent visits to the remains of the city of Pripyat devastated in the massive nuclear disaster of thirty years ago at nearby Chernobyl in the Ukraine, on 8th November