Withdraw funding for Kilrea playpark - McQuillan

An MLA is calling for funding to be withdrawn for a major improvements scheme in the town of Kilrea.

As we reported last week, Kilrea is to be boosted with a new play park and a new cycle and pedestrian path way from the Diamond to the jetty at Portneal. However this week, East Londonderry MLA Adrian McQuillan told The Times that he has written to the funding body for rural development projects asking for the money to be withdrawn due to the presence of Nationalist flags near the children’s play area.

“The presence of these flags does not give me much confidence that this park will be used by both sides of the community.

“Not only is there a tricolour flying but there is also a starry plough flag flying not too far from the entrance of the park.”

Speaking after a community meeting in the town last week, McQuillan said: “A flag that has been flying in the town since the end of August was taken down just before the Kilrea Community Forum meeting on Thursday night, but sadly it went up again after the meeting.

“I just feel that community representatives in the area should be getting together in a bid to get the flags removed, so that everyone can enjoy these improvements.”