Worry over possible bin changes: Duddy

Cllr George Duddy
Cllr George Duddy

Ratepayers are worried about the possibility of Council introducing three-weekly bin collections, according to a DUP councillor.

The issue was raised at last Tuesday night’s Environmental Services Committee.

Director Aiden McPeak didn’t comment on the issue, but he revealed that a paper, with different proposals, would be put to Council’s Waste Working Group next month.

“There is a concern amongst the public,” said cllr Duddy.

“People are telling me that they simply could not cope with having their black bin collected every three weeks.”

Last month The Times revealed that one of the proposals being put forward by Council would include a three-weekly collection. This could see the introduction of a third bin.

Comments on our social media page revealed that most ratepayers would not be in favour.

Many users pointed out that households with large families struggled with the fortnightly collection.

Other comments pointed that the any change could result in more people fly tipping in a bid to get rid of some of their household waste.

Cllr Duddy also pressed the Council Director on the possibility of civic amenity sites being closed on Saturdays, and having reduced opening hours.

“The rates have been passed and the budget has been set aside,” set the Director.

“We are looking at redesigning our services.

“However, there are no plans to change the civic amenity sites at present.”

SDLP councillor Gerry Mullan said he was ‘glad’ that there were no plans to close civic amenity sites: “How are people, who work Monday to Friday expected to access this service if it was to close on a Saturday.”