‘Yarn bomb’ attack in Coleraine Underground movement called SOCK chief suspects over tree knitting

pink tree
pink tree

A NEW underground movement is the chief suspect in the investigation into a Coleraine “yarn bombing” attack.

The Coleraine Times has learned that the secretive group calling themselves S.O.C.K. is responsible for the covert crochet attack carried out on a tree in the town’s Christie Park.

The tree was discovered a week ago with its trunk completely covered in bright fuchsia pink knitting.

It is understood that the “yarn bombing” attack was carried out under cover of darkness by the self-styled Secret Outdoor Crochet and Knitting (SOCK) group.

S.O.C.K. is also believed to have carried out a similar midnight yarn attack on Newcastle sea front in Co Down.

Although details about the identity of S.O.C.K. members are “woolly”, the Times understands that most members are craft practitioners.

One concerned resident called on the authorities to track down these “crafty” yarn bombers.

“They might think they can pull the wool over our eyes but this is no laughing matter.

“Other people might be in stitches about this yarn bomb attack but I’m feeling pretty needled about the whole thing.

“The material evidence is there so the police need to get this case sewn up now.”