Youth club is still main aim of Somerset group

Hazelbank shops.
Hazelbank shops.

A newly formed Residents group in Coleraine say they are still hoping to use a vacant commercial property for a new youth club.

The property at Hazelbank Road was a former shop. The residents say that they could put the space to good use, in a bid to halt anti social behaviour amongst youths in the area.

Speaking to The Times last week, a member of the Association said: “ Addressing anti social behaviour is a key priority of the Association and we are really keen to secure a safe environment whiere children of all ages within our community can meet and hang out.”

The group, which represents parents and grandparents say they wish to clean up their community in all ways.

We contacted the Housing Executive and in a statement they said: “The property in question has been vacant since April of this year. In accordance with our policy, NIHE’s Commercial Property Unit will, in the first instance, be advertising for a new commercial tenant in the coming weeks. Once this exercise has been completed we will be in a position to review all options, including use by the residents association.”