Body builder Richard is on top of the world

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He took on the best in the world in Miami and won.

Portrush bodybuilder Richard Robinson was crowned 2015 DFAC (Drug Free Athletic Commission) at the weekend, exceeding his expectations of a possible fifth place.

The 38-year old has only been competing in the sport for the past five years which makes his achievement all the more impressive and he is very keen to point out that it is all done unassisted and totally drug free.

Rich qualified for the Worlds by competing in the British Championships at the start of October, maintaining his strict diet in preparation for the worlds from that point meaning he had completed a gruelling 30 weeks dieting.

However, his commitment, determination and discipline paid of this weekend as he lifted the World title, saying: “I am completely overwhelmed.I’m still trying to compute what has happened.

“It’s been a very surreal experience, competing against the best in the world, sharing the stage and being in the same show as the superstars of natural bodybuilding was amazing in itself.

“Before the show, when I saw my line up, I must admit I was pretty intimidated, but this maybe worked in my favour as I decided that I had to go out and enjoy every second of the experience.

“The pressure was off as my expectations were lowered. I knew I was in the best condition of my life, I knew I could do no more personally, but I didn’t think that would be enough, especially as the athlete who beat me in the Britain finals was in the line up. Then of course they were the Americans to take into consideration!

“After the morning round I knew I was in the best condition in the class, but didn’t think I had enough size to push for the win.

“In the evening show after our routines and final pose down I had a good idea I was fighting for second or third. Amazing I thought! When third place was announced, I was getting excited , thinking I have just placed second in the world, but when they announced Peter Batai, the British champion in second.

“I was suddenly quite deflated as I thought I had missed out on a top three spot as I definitely wasn’t first. “When they announced my number as the winner then called my name, I just stood there looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. After that it must be admitted that I was not very cool calm and collected, I hollered like an idiot and couldn’t stop smiling. I am still floating about on cloud 9,it’s been a crazy weekend that’s for sure!”