Cancer Focus NI Horse Show

Record number of entries turned out for the Edwin May Motors Pink For a Purpose Cancer Focus NI Horseshow at the RDA Arena, Coleraine.

Thursday, 29th October 2015, 9:27 am
winners of 1m class, 1st Melanie Moorhead on Irish Twang, 2nd Kelly Galbraith on Pepsi with Steven Toms of Edwin May Motors, Coleraine.

The show raised over £1200 for Cancer Focus NI and was also able to help the Local Causeway Coast Riding For The Disabled Centre with a large donation for using their premises and volunteers.

The show was very successful with entrants very pleased with the beautiful rosettes presented for Clear rounds and also the 1st-3rd rosettes presented by our sponsors Edwin May Motors. Who have confirmed that they will sponsor this show annually for Cancer Focus NI.

This show could not have taken place without all the help from volunteers of RDA, Edwin May Motors, Brookevale Equestrian, Pink for a purpose supporters and a very kind Debrorah Montgomery of Dervock, who donated most of the prizes given at the show.

Frankie Kealey on Romeo 2.

Mini Cross poles: Jessica Stewart on Sparky, Theo Phillips on Molly, Rebecca Coulter on Lilly.

Cross poles: Ponies: Jessica Campbell on Goldrush, Amy Fleming on Orio, Hannah Graham on Molly.

Horses: James Christie on Heidi

60 cm Jumps: Ponies: Ella Campbell on Goldrush, Darrah O’Brien on Bam a Lam, Anna Kennedy on Missie. Horses: Lynne Thompson on Cora, Naomi Anderson on Jack, Lynda Moore on Joe.

70 cm Jumps: Ponies: Ellie Moore on Blondie, Megan O’Neill on Tonto, Darrah O’Brien on Bam a Lam. Horses: Claire Black on Millie, Andrea Wilson on Willow, Kate Bradley on Rosie,

80 cm Jumps: Ponies: Alanna McKeown on Dunby, Maria Carr on Supersonic Horses: Angie O’Neill on Shandy, Frances Kealey on Romeo, Rachel Harding on Serpico,

90 cm Jumps: Ponies: Hannah McKeown on Dunby. Horses: Helen McBride on Chance, Angie O’Neill on Shandy, Rachel Harding on Serpico,

1m jumps: Horses: Melanie Moorhead on Irish Twang, Kelly Galbraith on Pepsi,

1.10 m Jumps: Horses: Melanie Moorhead on Irish Twang, Kendra Reynolds on Rio.