Chargers training hard for another exciting year

Coleraine Chargers.
Coleraine Chargers.

Coleraine Chargers are back in action and training hard for another exciting season.

The team were all in action on Saturday morning having taken part in a festival at Ballymena the previous weekend and looking forward to the many tournaments and festivals to come, including their own event in Coleraine.

Coach Paul Shiels is full of praise for his players. He said: “This is a really enjoyable sport for young people with special needs. It is non-contact but that doesn’t stop the players getting a lot out of it.

“It’s great exercise, it involves teamwork and it builds confidence. We see them really come out of their shells.

“A lot of our players are at Sandelford School in Coleraine but we have many others from different schools and areas beyond the town. We welcome everyone who wants to come along, boy or girl, of any age group. Nearly everyone who tries the sport comes back and stays involved.

“It is a fun and safe environment – and most of all it is great fun for everyone.”

Paul is helped by Brian Kneeland and Bethan Harper and training is from 10-11.15 every Saturday morning at the Coleraine club pitches. Paul works at Sandelford School as a classroom assistant and sees the benefit of the game day to day with his own pupils, as well as on the sporting field.

Paul said: “The Wooden Spoon tournament is the one big ambition we have for the team this year. We are keen to get more players so please feel free to come along. You will be made very welcome.”

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