Cruise control from Sperrin

Sperrin 11, Forge Bar 3

SPERRIN continue to cruise along at the top of the league as they comfortably defeated the Forge Bar.

Billy Moore got them off to a flying start as he punished any mistakes Forge captain Daniel McAuley made. The next was a scrappy affair as Paul O’Connor and Chris Moore battled it out. The Sperrin man had the first chance but fluffed his lines and Moore duly finished.

The home side took control once again as Lee Caulfield and Raymond Stockman sealed comfortable wins. Allen Tosh made it a commanding 4-1 lead for the Sperrin, but only after opponent Matthew Hayes missed an easy black.

Chris Moore won his second of the night as he defeated Neville Smyth, who managed to miss a black that was hanging over the pocket. It was the turn of another Moore to double up, as Billy got his second to make it 5-2.

The home side took the next two through Caulfield and Tosh, but both players had their fair share of luck. Stockman then made it 8-2 as he gave Johnny Stirling a lesson in the game.

It was a battle of the Moores next to see who remained unbeaten on the night, and it was Chris who produced the goods to make it three from three. Unfortunately, Moore’s team mates couldn’t match his heroics as Stirling should have taken the next after Caulfield missed a simple black. The match was soon over as a great clearance by Tosh was followed by a comfortable third win for Stockman.

Raymond Stockman, Lee Caulfield, Allen Tosh all 3/3; Chris Moore 3/3

Forge A 11, Mary Pats 3

No report submitted at time of writing.

Social Club 2, Bullseye A 11

The visitors produced some good pool on the night to give their opponents few chances.

Bullseye captain Damien Reid got the better of Simon McIlreavy in the first. Adrian O’Kane should have registered an eight ball clearance in the next but missed the black to the middle, however opponent John Sweeney could not take advantage.

Peter Martin got the first for the home side as he produced a great finish, including an excellent double on his last yellow. Clem Howard should have levelled the match but was unlucky with his position and gave Jimmy Moore two shots, who fired a finish home in no time.

Raymond Baxter made it 4-1 as he got the better of David Shirlow in the last frame of the first session. Howard once again came so close to a win but this time he snookered himself on the black and Steven McIlroy took full advantage.

Moore added his second as McIlreavy potted the white from the break and didn’t get back to the table. Another man doubling up was O’Kane, but Willie McMullan had his chances in a scrappy encounter.

Martin was single handedly keeping the home side going as he beat Reid for his second, however Baxter was steady once again as he made it 8-2 at the halfway stage.

The third session started with Reid winning the first. This was followed by the long awaited return of Willie Boreland, who made no mistake on his comeback as he fired home an eight ball finish.

It was left to Baxter who wrapped up the win finished with a great double on the black. Raymond Baxter 3/3

Bullseye Old Boys 11, Roost Bar 2

The visitors had got off to a good start as Stewarty Mitchell potted a great black to take the opener. However, Hubert Smyth soon levelled with a super finish, before Derek Allum put the home side ahead beating George Cameron in a tight frame.

The Roost were a man down, so the old boys were handed the next before captain Keith Hunter made it 4-1. George Cameron got the second on the board for the Roost as he took advantage of a mistake by Hunter.

Allum won his second of the night against Mitchell, before Douglas battled through to make it 6-2. A walkover for Smyth followed by a good finish by Jeff Buthcer put the home side firmly in control with an 8-2 lead at the midway point.

Butcher was straight back on and followed up with another win, before Derek Allum made it three from three as he defeated Clive Robertson. Home skipper Hunter got the walkover in the next and this was enough to seal the points. Derek Allum 3 / 3

Bullseye B 11, Railway Arms 5

A welcome victory for the home side who have previously struggled against their rivals.

Stephen McMullan produced a great finish to get the home side off to a winning start. However, the visitors responded as Barry McLaughlin edged out Stephen Morton, the Bullseye man looking in control before the pressure got to him.

Stephen Blair took the next to put the Arms in front but again the home side let it go as Stephen Biggart had missed a black. Drew Hutchinson levelled with a fine eight ball finish, before Chris McColgan sneaked the home side back in front.

The Bullseye stepped up a gear in the second session to take control of the match. McMullan got his second, again over Johnny McDowell. Morton looked like he had thrown another one away as he hung his last ball, however Scott McClelland could not take advantage.

In another rematch from session one, Biggart and Blair met again, with the Bullseye man getting the win he will feel he deserved to make it 6-2.

Stephen Warwick produced some dazzling pool in the next to beat McLaughlin before the visitors salvaged something from the second session through John Huston. Warwick continued to show off his fine array of shots in the next, Barry McLaughlin once again the victim.

Kenny Watton made his first appearance of the night and produced a typically steady performance. Huston should have added his second but missed a bad yellow to allow Morton to put the home side on the hill.

The visitors attempted a fightback as McClelland produced a good clearance, followed by a hard fought win for Arthur McMullan. However, Kenny Watton done the business once again, beating McLaughlin, who was still stunned at the display he had witnessed earlier.

Floyds Bar v Blackthorn

No scoreline or match report received.

NOTE: Can all captains please note that festival entry forms and monies will be collected next Tuesday evening (26th)

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Railway Arms v Floyds

Blackthorn v Bullseye Old Boys

Roost Bar v Forge A

Marty Pats v Sperrin

Forge Bar v Social Club

Bullseye A v Bullseye B