Determination and discipline pays off as Lesley Ann is crowned champion!

Coleraine woman Lesley Ann Armstrong has been crowned Bodypower USN Classic Champion 2016.

Friday, 27th May 2016, 2:21 pm
Updated Friday, 27th May 2016, 3:23 pm

The 32-year-old, who currently lives in Londonderry, travelled to Birmingham earlier this month to compete in the women’s physique category.

The former Miss World and Miss Northern Ireland is a personal trainer, and aims to pass on her fitness knowledge and plenty of motivation to her clients.

After deciding just nine weeks before that she would compete, the fitness fanatic beat one other competitor in the categoy to take first place.

The fully trained physiotherapist admits that she pushes her body to the limit in preparation for these events, but she told Times Sport this week that she was ‘totally buzzing’ after winning.

“Winning this show gets me through to the Diamond Cup in Liverpool later in October.

“I have my eyes set on gaining a pro card from this show - because that would let me compete at a higher tougher standard and most importantly at an international level,” she explained.

“At the minute I am still training, I haven’t really splurged out yet like most people do after shows , I am just letting my body recover, I know that I am lean so I am training just as my own pace with no pressure,” admitted the determined young woman.

At the height of her training for the Birmingham show, Lesley Ann was training three times a day and feasting on a diet of mostly white fish and low or no carbs.

“It is tough, but when you get used to it, when you see your body changing you know that it works, “ she reavealed.

“I was eating white fish three times a day - simply because it worked for me and it’s a good source of protein.

“I cut back on the carbs, and was really following a no carb diet.”

The Coleraine woman’s aim is to compete in one of the biggest body building competitions in the world - the Arnold Classic, which takes place in America.

“That is my aim, so to get there I need to pick up a pro card, if I win the Diamond Cup in Liverpool in October that would give me the pro card that I need.

“It just means that I woudl be able to compete with the best in the business from around the world,” said the determined PT.

So what have the next few months got in store for Lesley Ann.

“At the minute I am just working with my pt clients, hoping taht I can rub off on them a bit,” she joked.

“I had to cut down my client list in the run up to the competition, simply because I was training three times a day, and I just didn’t have time.

“I’ll build that list back up again now, and then I will get back into training.

“I love working with people, it’s great seeing the joy they get out of watching their bodies changing,” she said.

Lesley Ann not only helps clients with exercise and fitness, but she also has clients online advising them on diet and healthy eating.

To date, the local woman has helped clients across the world, passing on her knowledge and transforming lives via the internet.