FOOTBALL: Kearney takes over at Coleraine

Oran Kearney is the new manager at Coleraine.

Kearney takes over after David Platt was sacked on Thursday night.

Kearney, the former Limavady United manager, has been handed a 12-month rolling contract.

At the weekend, David Platt described his sacking as "a rushed decision full of short-sightedness made by impatient people".

"I must state how shocked and disappointed I am at the manner and timing of my dismissal," added Platt.

"The goalposts have been shifted by the board over the past few months, leaving me feeling isolated and let down."

Platt said: "I am fully aware that football is about results and this season's have not been as good as they should have been.

"But Coleraine are a couple of results away from being in the top six and have a real chance of a quarter-final Irish Cup place and with a fully fit squad this can definitely be achieved.

"Football is results driven but sometimes people have to be realistic about where the clubs future lies, being open and transparent with the people that matter - the fans."