Chairman set for the high jump

NEW Coleraine chairman Colin McKendry is set for the high jump - but don’t fear it’s all for raising funds for the Bannsiders.

The local businessman will joining ardent Coleraine fan Nicky Coyles in a tandem parachute jump at the end of August.

The daredevil duo are hoping their exploits will help their fundraising efforts go sky high.

“A few of the fans approached me about getting involved with this fundraiser and I’m only too happy to help out,” Colin told Times Sport.

“Nicky and his friends are great supporters of Coleraine and the Social Club, so I wanted to give something back to them to show them the board appreciates what they are doing.

“We want Coleraine FC be inclusive so that everyone feels it is their club. As we all know finances are tight for everyone, so fundraisers like this are vital to the club.

“I’d like to get the whole community involved as we are a community-based club, and it’s our idea to make a donation to a local charity as well as Coleraine FC.”

Colin admitted he never imagined jumping out of a plane would be one of his first big tasks after taking over from former chairman Hugh Wade.

“Signing players yes but jumping out of a plane was definitely not on the job description,” he laughed.

“I think I’m probably the first Irish League chairman to jump out of a plane. You never know it might start a trend…there’s probably a few fans at different clubs who like to see their board members jump out of a plane!

“But it’s all good and at the end of the day we’re helping the club out.”

And his intrepid partner Nicky is only too glad to have the chairman on board.

“Myself and some of my mates approached Ivan Kyle about doing this as a fundraiser and he ‘jumped’ at the chance,” joked Nicky.

“I think he helped persuade Colin to join up which is great. Coleraine is such a fantastic, friendly club and its great to be involved in something like this.

”We have a few events coming up to fundraise for this so keep an eye out in the press and sponsor sheets are available from the Social Club.

“I’d also like to thank Dorothy Kyle who is the treasurer for our committee and invite anyone who is interested to come along and help us out.”

The Bannside high flyers are set to do their jump on August 28.