Coleraine Council’s response to the situation

Coleraine Borough Council recognises the strong community ethos and significant voluntary support that Portrush Football Club provides for youth football in the area.

Council has been working with the Club to support the younger generation in Portrush who require a training facility.

However Council must also ensure that the best possible playing surface is provided for competitive matches for senior teams, including Portrush Football Club. To date this has been achieved through the Borough-wide policy of not training on any competitive standard football pitch.

This policy which has been in force for many years was reaffirmed with Portrush Football Club in November 2011. It is influenced by the cost and effort that is required to keep the playing surface at competition standard.

Training is permitted on the five off-pitch grass areas in the Borough, one of which is at Parker Avenue. This area can be used by any age group at Portrush Football Club to train without impacting on the competitive surface. Council have and are continuing to upgrade this area in an effort to meet the needs of the Club.