FOOTBALL: Trevor looking forward to the challenge

COLERAINE’S new Assistant Manager, Trevor McKendry, is looking forward to the challenge of life at The Showgrounds.

The former Portstewart boss, who applied for the vacant manager’s job in 2008, admitted there is work to be done, but he added he is up for the test.

“There’s never a good time to take over at any football club,” Trevor told Times Sport.

“There is work to be done here and that’s not saying that David and the lads didn’t do a job here, because I think they did a very good job here.

“I know they spent an enormous amount of hours working to bring success here, but unfortunately as I said unless you get the results it counts for very little.

“And make no bones about it, it’ll be the exact same for us if we don’t get the results.

“But this is a challenge that you can’t turn down.

“Everybody looks up to Coleraine in this area and the club has ambitions.

“It’s not about being in the top six as I hate all that because for me if you set yourself the level of just getting in to the top six then that’s all you’ll get.

“You have to aim higher as this club should be and then you have to make the players buy in to that too.”

Trevor admitted it had been a whirlwind couple of days for him to be at the club he has supported since he was a boy.

“I was standing on the terraces the last time we won the league,” he said.

“So it’s all a bit surreal to be honest. It has all happened so quickly and I haven’t really had time to take it all in.

“I went out to play golf this morning but it was a total waste of time as my head was all over the place.

“I have to admit it’s a bit bitter sweet. I’ve absolutely loved the year and a half at Limavady and I can’t speak highly enough about the people over there.

“The chairman, David Young, is absolutely outstanding, a real gentleman.

“But as I said this is an absolutely massive challenge. It’s a big club with a big fan base.

“Results haven’t been going for them but that happens in football.

“Oran’s a very ambitious lad and he really wants this challenge.

So what can the players expect from the new man at the helm?

“Oran is his own man and he will definitely bring in changes,” revealed Trevor.

“He’s very disciplined in everything he does. A lot of the things he brought with him to Limavady probably came from the professionalism he was brought up with at Linfield.

“So he’ll bring discipline and he’ll also demand that the players work very hard.

“His man-management is also second to none. Also what he achieved as a player in the game and his standing is another massive factor.

“Okay when you come to this side of it you need to know what you’re doing or you’ll be found out at this level.

“Believe me though he knows what he is talking about, he‘s been there and bought the t-shirt.

“It might be a surprise to some of the players that someone so young can be so disciplined and professional.

“You always learn in this game and I have learnt so much from Oran in my short time with him at Limavady.

“And I’ve no doubt I’ll learn even more now. It’s obviously a higher level but it’s a level he’s accustomed to.

“We know football is a results driven industry and like every manager we’ll be judged on our results that’s the bottom line.

“But I have 100% belief in Oran. He has that charisma and aura about him and that comes from what he has achieved in the game.”