Milk Cup: Opening fixtures

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The Milk Cup will kick off next Monday, July 27.

Here’s a list of fixtures for the first three days of the tournament.



Noon: Co. Down v Brentford (Clough, Ballymena); Sydney Utd v Dundalk SL (Riada Stadium 2); OB Blues v Co. Londonderry (Roe Mill, Limavady); GPS FC Bayern v Right to Dream (Anderson Park, Coleraine); Strikers v Santa Marta de Liray (Warren, Portstewart) 1.30pm: North Dublin SL v Co. Antrim (Broughshane); Donegal SL v Plymouth Argyle (Castlerock); Zacatepac v Southampton (Rugby Avenue); AS Roma-USA v Co. Fermanagh (Parker Avenue); 3.30pm: Swindon Town v Co. Armagh (Anderson Park); 7.30pm: Co. Tyrone v Liverpool (Ballymena Showgrounds); Rangers v Sheffield Utd (Coleraine Showgrounds).


Noon: Co. Antrim v Zacatepac (Riada Stadium 2); Brentford v Strikers (Roe Mill); Co. Down v Donegal SL (Anderson Park); Sydney Utd v AS Roma-USA (Warren); 1.30pm: Right to Dream v Swindon Town (Broughshane); Sheffield Utd v Dundalk SL (Castlerock); Plymouth Argyle v Santa Marta de Liray (Rugby Avenue); North Dublin SL v OC Blues (Parker Avenue); 3.30pm: Southampton v Co. Londonderry (Anderson Park); Co. Tyrone v Co. Armagh (Riada Stadium); 5.30pm: Co. Fermanagh v Rangers (Ballymena Showgrounds); 7.30pm: Liverpool v GPS FC Bayern (Coleraine Showgrounds).


Noon: Santa Marta de Liray v Donegal SL (Clough); Strikers v Co. Down (Riada Stadium 2), Sheffield Utd v Sydney Utd (Roe Mill; Co. Londonderry v Co. Antrim (Anderson Park); Southampton v OC Blues (The Warren); 1.30pm: GPS FC Bayern v Co. Tyrone (Broughshane); Zacatepac v North Dublin SL (Castlerock); Brentford v Plymouth Argyle (Parker Avenue); Co. Armagh v Right to Dream (Coleraine Showgrounds); 3.30pm: Dundalk SL v Co. Fermanagh (Anderson Park); 6pm: Rangers v AS Roma-USA (Riada Stadium); Liverpool v Swindon Town (Seahaven).



3.30pm: OC Blues v Motherwell (Clough); Alset Colombia v Otago (Roe Mill, Limavady); Right to Dream v Co. Tyrone (Riada Stadium, Ballymoney); Lusaka Academy v Co. Londonderry (Coleraine Showgrounds). 5pm: Club America v Co. Down (Broughshane); Vendee v O’Higgins (Parker Avenue, Portrush); Co. Fermanagh v Partick Thistle (Warren, Portstewart); 5.30pm: Co. Antrim v Strikers, Ballymena Showgrounds); 7pm: Malaga CF v CSKA Moscow (Scroggy Road, Limavady); Real Sociedad v Co. Armagh (Seahaven, Portstewart); 7.30pm: Newcastle Utd v Higashi Fukuoka (Riada Stadium)


3.30pm: CSKA Moscow v Lusaka Academy (Clough, Ballymena) Vendee v Club America (Warren, Portstewart); O’Higgins v OC Blues (Roe Mill, Limavady); 5pm: Co. Tyrone v Co. Antrim (Broughshane); Higashi Fukuoka v Strikers (Castlerock); Co. Down v Motherwell (Rugby Ave, (Coleraine); Co. Armagh v Alset Colombia (Parker Avenue, Portrush); 7pm: Otago v Real Sociedad (Scroggy Road, Limavady); Co. Londonderry v Co. Fermanagh (Seahaven, Portstewart); 7.30pm: Partick Thistle v Malaga CF (Riada Stadium); Newcastle Utd v Right to Dream (Ballymena Showgrounds).


3.30pm: Co. Armagh v Otago (Clough); Co. Down v Vendee (Roe Mill, Limavady); Lusaka Academy v Partick Thistle (Rugby Avenue, Coleraine): Motherwell v O’Higgins (The Warren) 4pm: CSKA Moscow v Co. Londonderry (Riada Stadium); 5pm: Strikers v Right to Dream (Broughshane); Club America v OC Blues (Castlerock); Co. Antrim v Higashi Fukuoka (Parker Avenue, Portrush); 7pm: Co. Tyrone v Newcastle Utd (Scroggy Road, Limavady); Real Sociedad v Alset Colombia (Ballymena Showgrounds); Malaga CF v Co. Fermanagh (Coleraine Showgrounds).