Finders Keepers. Movember growers ''�2012Derek Simpson
Finders Keepers. Movember growers ''�2012Derek Simpson

THINGS will be getting a little hairy around The Showgrounds over the next month.

But fear not it’s all for a good cause as five members of the playing staff have signed up to take part in the Movember Challenge.

During November goalkeeping coach Gregg Shannon and players Gavin Cullen, Michael Doherty, Ryan McIlmoyle and Lee Colligan will be doing their best to grow a moustache and raise funds for the local Children’s Ward.

Organiser Gregg, who is no stranger to some facial hair, told Times Sport he tried to get more players signed up but said he didn’t think they would be able to grow face furniture.

“We have a very youthful team and some of the guys aren’t old enough to grow facial hair. So that’s why there’s only a few of us doing it,” joked Gregg.

“I was trying to get everyone involved with it because it seems to be snowballing now. Every year it gets bigger and bigger and there is more awareness about it.

“I love a bit of banter so I thought we should definitely get involved and try and raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

“Fair play to Macca he’ll try his best but I don’t think there will be much difference at the end of the month!

“There’s no competition here about who has the best moustache it’s all about trying to grow one and having a bit of banter whilst raising money for a good cause.

“Trevor McKendry used to sport a rather fetching tash back in the day, but it went because the wife told him to get rid of it so he didn’t want to rock the boat and grow another one!”

Gregg is hoping the hirsute quintet can raise plenty of money for the Children’s Ward.

“Obviously there are a lot of very worthwhile causes out there but the club has always had a good link with the local Children’s Ward at the Causeway Hospital so we will be raising funds for them,” he said.

“We all have sponsor forms so we’ll be collecting from all our family and friends and if any fans want to donate they can contact me at the club over via Twitter.

“We will be collecting for the whole month of November and then we will hand over what we’ve raised in December.”