WATCH: Darren McCauley's words to inspire Coleraine to glory?

Darren McCauley is one of the Irish League's most creative players.

He showed that with his brace in Saturday's 2-2 draw at Linfield.

Darren McCauley scored a brace against Linfield on Saturday.

Darren McCauley scored a brace against Linfield on Saturday.

But speaking to the press after the game McCauley showed he's pretty creative off the pitch as well.

The midfielder shared some prose he had prepared to help inspire the Bannsiders ahead of next weekend's crucial final games in the Danske Bank Premiership.

The waiting scribes were left speechless for once by McCauley's spoken word, and he was dubbed the 'Bannsiders bard'!

What do you think of his efforts?

He cuts inside he twists and turns,

He goes past Coates and he goes past Burns,

This man has got skill, this man has got pace,

Can Coleraine last this year’s title race?

See football is tough and mental torment,

So you’ll have to excuse my poetic lament,

Yet orange and green together we stand,

United as one in this once troubled land.

A working-class club inferior no more,

As we concur the spirit of ’74.

‘One game at a time’ isn’t that what they say,

So don’t listen to the others; to Baxter nor DJ.

So tune in next week, folks, please if you can

To watch us bring the Gibson to our part of the Bann.