We have to stand strong together

Howard Beverland is calling on the players to stand up and be counted. PICTURE: Lorcan Doherty
Howard Beverland is calling on the players to stand up and be counted. PICTURE: Lorcan Doherty

HOWARD Beverland has admitted times are tough at The Showgrounds at the minute, but he says he and the other players are determined to put it right.

The Bannsiders threw away a lead again on Saturday as they slipped to a 3-1 defeat against Glentoran and Beverland said afterwards the mood was low.

“The mood is probably as low as it has been in the last few years,” he told Times Sport.

“I think that is coming right through the whole place from fans to players especially and the manager and back room staff.

“It’s not ideal for the fans particularly what they’ve had to watch today. But they know we’re not happy with it either. It’s certainly not a happy camp at the minute.

“We’ve two choices though, we can bury our heads or we can come back out fighting again. It would be absolutely disastrous for us not to get our heads up and get back out there again and approach the next game in the right manner because there is still a lot to play for.

“Today was a big game that could have pushed us up the table if we had won. You can fall in to the wrong half of the table very quickly and we are very aware of that at the minute.

“We have unity in the camp though and it’s important that we stay together.

“At times like this it’s very easy for the group to break in to wee segments and start pointing fingers at who people think is at fault, but we need to take collective responsibility for our own performances and what we haven’t done both as individuals but as a team as well.

“So as I say it’s very important that we stay strong together and we are focused on doing that.

“In fairness to the management they always prepare us 100%. Training is high quality every week too.

“But as the saying goes once we cross that white line Oran or Wes or Trevor can’t kick the ball for us, win tackles or score goals it is up to us.

“As I say we need to take collective responsibility and show greater leadership out on the pitch.

“The margins have been very small so far this season, but the table shows the full story.

“As players it is time we stood up and do our part of the deal as well because we know we haven’t done it.

“It’s time we did our talking on the pitch and started putting things right.

“That has to start this coming Saturday.”