Golf strength and conditioning

If you’re feeling fit and strong, try out this advanced exercise programme to really push your strength, balance and coordination to the test.

You’ll need a cable machine, a weighted medicine ball and a dumbbell.


Stand with good upright posture and hold a lightly weighted medicine ball in your hands.

As you lunge into your forward leg, raise the ball overhead and swing to the outside of the forward leg.

Repeat this movement with both legs, lunging forward, out to 45 degrees, side lunge, backwards to 45 degrees and then straight back.

Always swing and twist the medicine ball to the outside of the leg that is stepping.

You should be doing one full circle stepping each leg out 5 times.

Repeat 3 circles – Rest for 1:00 minute Repeat 2 more times.


Set your cable just above shoulder height, take hold of the cable handle in your right hand and balance the left leg, keeping the knee slightly flexed and your back leg off the ground. Maintain your balance by keeping the left arm extended out in front, then when ready, forward press the right arm adding a slight twist to the left. Keep your forearm aligned to the cable throughout the exercise, returning smoothly to the starting position. 10 Reps each side 1:00-3:00m rest Moderate Speed of Movement 1-4 Sets


Lie face down and maintaining your spine and head in a good alignment, push up into a plank position on the exhale. Inhale back down again, bringing your nose close to the ground and repeat on breathing pattern. 8-12 Reps 1:00-3:00m rest Move on breathing pattern 1-4 Sets


Get into a sumo stance, which is slightly wider than shoulder width, with the toes flared out slightly.

Hold a dumbbell in one hand and maintaining good posture in your lower back, feel that you push off the ground with your feet, drawing the dumbbell off the ground. Try to maintain level shoulders whilst doing this exercise.

10 Reps each side 1:00-3:00m rest Slow tempo 1-4 Sets


Set the cable attachment to its highest setting and stand sideways to the machine. Grab the cable handle with the hand that is further away and then support it with the other hand. Rotate the trunk away from the cable column and draw the hands and arms downwards and across the body until the handle reaches hip height. Slowly return to your start position and repeat movement 10 Reps each side 1:00-3:00m rest moderate speed 1-4 Sets

Work on these exercises for 2-4 times per week for 4 weeks or so. Keep the weights at a comfortable level and gain some strength, balance and coordination to hit the ball further.

Michael Langford

Golf Performance Ireland

Roe Park Resort