IT was a more relaxed affair at Aghadowey Raceway last Friday night.

With no points on offer drivers were able to get a race and a bit of practice in for forthcoming events.

Cars were out in all classes as it was a non-Championship event so the likes of Stock Rod driver Freddie Laffin was pitched in with the Euro Stocks. Laffin started out at the back of the grid, but he showed his skill in working his way through the pack.

The Lightning Rods were out next and again the racing was of a high standard. Karl McFaul, Jerome Doherty, Clifford Nevin and Paul Hosie were all racing in line which was great to see and sets it up perfectly for the next race this Saturday, April 27th.

The Juniors also had a great run out as the drivers enjoyed the opportunity to run their cars on a more racing set-up.

In the coming weeks and months all drivers teams will be working hard to have a chance to win the championships for 2013 at Aghadowey.

Cars can still be entered to the racing and if you turn up at any of the meets, organisers will be only to glad to help.

The meet on Saturday 27th April gets under way at 6.15pm and all classes are out, some of the new cars at last week’s meeting will be in action.