Local companies take over Europe

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September saw local companies NI Live Vision and Renegade Strong Man join forces to bring Europe’s Strongest Man Under 90kg to Letterkenny.

NI Live Vision is the production arm of local company NI Live Events which is the company behind the hugely successful White Collar Boxing events which are held in Kelly’s.

A spokesperson from the company said: “We were approached by Dave Warner from Renegade with regards to filming the event in Letterkenny and were told that there was a chance that Setanta Ireland would broadcast the final show.

“We decided with Dave that we would film the event as a tester to see if there was an interest in it from Setanta and with the hope that if it was accepted by the channel that next year we could build on the event and turn it into something special. We were asked to create an hour long show ready for broadcast which would be delivered to Setanta for the final decision on whether or not it would be shown.

“We were delighted that the channel not only decided to broadcast the show on November 27th, but also give to it a second airing on December 2nd.

“Another great development that was that Eurosport wanted to see the show with thoughts of broadcasting it as well. This involved a complete re edit as the show timings were completely different. Eurosport have confirmed that they will be showing it across 14 countries on December 20th during a prime time slot. To our surprise Eurosport will voice the shows live using interpreters for the 14 countries that they broadcast to.

“Just this week we found out that on the same date as the Eurosport Broadcast. Setanta Action ( Setanta’s channel in Africa ) will broadcast the show not once but four times.

“We are now looking to future Strongman events in England next year with the hope of a bigger and better show to be broadcast across Ireland and Europe.”  

You will be able to see the show live on Eurosport on December 20th or you can watch the advert for the show on NI Live Vision on Facebook.