It was a case of third time lucky for Loreto College Coleraine, as its annual Sports Day, postponed twice due to bad weather, ran successfully on Monday 25 June.

Happily June 25th was also World Sports Day, and the Year 8-11 students from Loreto College therefore had the opportunity to participate in this global event.

In the year of the London Olympics, and in the same month that the Olympic Torch Relay had visited the Coleraine area, taking its route past Loreto College, the school’s Sports Day had an Olympic theme. With the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship being highlighted, each form class from Year 8-11 chose a country and prepared display and costumes.

The day began with an Opening Ceremony of the chosen countries, and the entire Year 8-11 population of Loreto College, and members of staff, processed around the College’s track with a colourful display of flags and costumes.

This was a stirring beginning to a happy and exciting day of sport for all. There was tight competition in the formal events, but many of the fun events proved equally popular, such as the Year 8 Novelty Races on the Chapel Lawn and various non-competitive fixtures such as tug-of-war, minibus pull and centipede racing.

Mrs Maureen McCullough, Head of Physical Education at Loreto College, paid tribute to all the staff and students of the College who had made the 2012 Sports Day such a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Mr Michael James, College Principal, thanked the PE Department and the entire school community for the effort and enthusiasm with which they had taken part in this especially historic Sports Day with such an international flavour.

The following results were recorded in the competitive events:


100 Metres - 1st James McReynolds/Riona Pauling; 2nd Dominic Bradley/Anna Morrison; 3rd Aidan McGonigle/Niamh Boorman

200 metres 1st Dominic Bradley/Riona Pauling; 2nd James McReynolds/Shakira Nazeer; 3rd Aidan McGonigle/Niamh Boorman

800 metres - 1st Dominic Bradley/Abigail McBroom; 2nd Oisin Brennan/Molly Brennan; 3rd Eoin McGuigan/Victoria Tsang

Relays - 1st 8C/8C; 2nd 8A/8D; 3rd 8B/8A

Shot Putt - 1st Joshua Wan/Riona Pauling; 2nd Eoin McCarry/Jordan Thompson; 3rd Adam Taylor/Shauna O’Kane

High Jump - 1st Aidan McGonigle/Shakira Nazeer; 2nd James McReynolds/Shannon O’Kane; 3rd Benjamin White/Hannah Magee

Long Jump - 1st James McReynolds/Riona Pauling; 2nd Dominic Bradley/Anna Morrison; 3rd Aidan McGonigle/Abigail McBroom

Athletes of the Year - James McReynolds/Dominic Bradley/Riona Pauling


100 metres 1st Alex Christie/Aoife Boorman; 2nd Joel Dinsmore/Kate Bradley; 3rd Daniel O’Kane/Erin Ni Shandir

200 metres - 1st Aoife Boorman; 2nd Tara McLarnon; 3rd Jane Telford

800 metres 1st Daniel O’Kane/Aoife Carr; 2nd Liam Ferris/Katie McMullan; 3rd Ciaran Parahoo/Tara McLarnon/Una McCloskey

Relays - 1st 9A/9A; 2nd 9B/9B; 3rd 9D/9D

Shot Putt - 1st Mark Cassidy/Laura McGonigle/Lucy McMullan; 2nd Conor Gillen/Caitlin Martin; 3rd Cahir Loftus/Emma Crossley

Javelin - 1st Alex McCloskey; 2nd Callan McPeake; 3rd Conor Rogan

Discus - 1st Daniel O’Kane/Dominica Dutkiewiez; 2nd Aidan O’Boyle/Emma Crossley; 3rd Cormac McCarry/Aoife Boorman

High Jump - 1st Conor Gillen/Laura McGonigle; 2nd Daniel O’Kane/Tara McLarnon; 3rd Alex Christie/Caitlin Martin/Emily Moore

Long Jump - 1st Daniel O’Kane/Aoife Carr; 2nd Alex Christie/Caitlin Martin; 3rd Christopher Doherty/Aoife Boorman

Athletes of the Year - Daniel O’Kane/Aoife Boorman


100 metres 1st Conor Pauling/Una Mellon; 2nd Shea Eastwood/Shannon McWilliams; 3rd Damian Mroz/Elizabeth McManus

200 metres - 1st Conor Pauling/Una Mellon; 2nd Ola Olawabi/Shannon McWilliams; 3rd Damian Mroz/Niamh Wallace

800 metres - 1st Shea Eastwood/Una Jordan; 2nd Daniel White/Alana O’Donovan; 3rd Syeva Bondarenko

Relays - 1st 10C/10A; 2nd 10A/10C; 3rd 10D/10E

Shot Putt - 1st James Breslin/Rhiannon Bell; 2nd Shea McLaughlin/Una Mellon; 3rd Dylan Kelly/Shannon McWilliams

Discus - 1st Damian Mroz/Shannon McWilliams; 2nd Syeva Bondarenko/Una Mellon; 3rd Conor Pauling/Niamh Wallace

Javelin - 1st Shea McLaughlin/Shannon McWilliams; 2nd Daniel White/Rhiannon Bell; 3rd Daniel Roantree/Ellen Tracey

High Jump - 1st Syeva Bondarenko/Christine McNally/Shannon McWilliams; 2nd Conor McFeely; 3rd Ellen Tracey

Long Jump - 1st Conor Pauling/Niamh Wallace; 2nd Syeva Bondarenko/Colleen Burke; 3rd Leon Govan/Ola Olawabi/Shannon McWilliams

Athletes of the Year - Conor Pauling/Shannon McWilliams


100 metres - 1st Pearse Burns/Vicky Bell; 2nd Roisin Dooley-Nellis; 3rd Meadbh McReynolds

200 metres - 1st Daniel Connolly; 2nd Pearse Burns; 3rd Rory Stewart

800 metres - 1st Hal McGonigle/Frank Dillon; 3rd Daniel Connolly

Relays - 1st 11C/11B; 2nd 11A/11C; 3rd 11D

Shot Putt - 1st Oisin Quinn/Vicky Bell; 2nd Cormac Quigley/Maria McQuillan; 3rd Rory Stewart/Meadbh McReynolds

Discus - 1st Cormac Quigley/Vicky Bell; 2nd Oisin Quinn/Roisin Dooley-Nellis; 3rd James Moore/Meadbh McReynolds

Javelin - 1st Calvin Heavern/Vicky Bell; 2nd James Maguire/ Bronagh O’Kane; 3rd Pearse Burns/Jordan Kelly

High Jump - 1st Conor McLaughlin/Ceara Mellon; 2nd Eunan Browne

Long Jump - 1st Payton Mullan; 2nd Roisin Dooley-Nellis; 3rd Vicky Bell

Athletes of the Year - Frank Dillon Vicky Bell