McManaman urges LFC to “bring home the cups”

Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman is urging the next crop of Reds young hopefuls to follow in his footsteps..

The former midfield playmaker won the 1988 competition as a 15-year-old boy with the Reds. And McManaman advised them on how to go about their business. He said: “When I went to Northern Ireland there was a sense of elation and excitement because I was going away with Liverpool as a teenager.

“It was something special – because I was representing the club for the first time in a tournament with other Liverpool players and we were trying our best to impress against other teams. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, get a little bit of experience and to win the trophy. To bring the trophies home.”

At 15 McManaman shot a hat-trick in the competition’s final in a 4-0 victory against Scottish outfit Motherwell. “It was fantastic to score a hat-trick in the final,” said McManaman. “It was probably the last hat-trick that I scored. At 15, I didn’t know if I was going to be a professional footballer so it was the best moment in my life. The most important thing was winning the trophy because it meant that we were doing something correct.”