Medal success for Team Ryano Causeway

Twenty children from Team Ryano Causeway, travelled to Wolverhampton recently for Junior BJJ European Championships, and returned home with two gold medals, six silver and nine bronze.

Saturday, 13th October 2018, 10:18 am
Team Ryano medal winners.

A spokesperson for the club said: “BJJ is an incredibly tough sport and builds physical and mental toughness in children which they take with them throughout their lives.

“This is our second attempt at the Euros, we are a young club.

“We believe in hard work beats talent ever time. The kids and coaches gave up ten-and-a-half hours per week of their time over the summer to prove this point.

“The kids do up to six hours per week, this includes S&C, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.

“The Junior team is from age 4-16 and the basic days are Monday and Wednesday for Jiu Jitsu only.”