ATHLETICS: Anne takes honours at Downhill

The second Downhill Demesne 5-Mile Trail Race was held on Saturday 25 August.

The race was organised by Springwell RC and the National Trust. Fifty-three runners put their toe on the line for the two lap course through forests, across moorland and around the magnificent landmarks of this stunning estate. City of Derry’s Alan Bogle (33:16) and Anne Paul (39:07) were the major prize winners.

Springwell Results - Jason McLeister 34:24, Rhodri Jones 34:33, Luke Dinsmore 37:04 (1st Junior), Ross Armstrong 37:46, David Jackson 37:56, Alison Rankin 39:36 (2nd Female). Deborah Gilliland 39:36 (3rd Female), Gary Kendall 40:48, Bernadette O’Kane 42:23, Hugh Deighan 44:22, Michael rankin 48:47, Patrick Higgins 50:22. Prospective new member Ciara Toner 43:10.

Fifty-two runners lined up for the Donard Commedagh Race on Saturday 25 August. From the start whistle Stephen Cunningham led the runners up to the quarry on the way to the summit of Slieve Donard to collect the £25 prize provided by Rugland in Kilkeel for the first runner to reach the summit. He continued to lead the race to finish in a time of 1:08.

In the womens race Shileen O’Kane had a winning lead at the summit of Slieve Donard and was not going to let that go as she finished in a time of 1:25.

Springwell’s Colin Brennan finished 23rd in 1:28:35.

The Rostrevor Race held on 18 August was a selection event for the Home International on 22 September. The race was notable for the first wins by Paul McNespie (50:58) and Springwell’s Gillian Wasson (59:54).

Thursday evening, 16 August, was the last track and field meeting of the Edwards & Co. series. On a dry, mild evening 10 young Springwell juniors made the trip to the Antrim track, accompanied by parents and coaches. The athletes all enjoyed themselves, participating in different events during the evening. Results as follows:

U-11 Boys 100M, Luke Gilfillan 17.23, Sean Deehan 18.26, Will Thompson 19.07. U-11 Girls 100M, Natasha Simmons 17.29, Lauren O’Doherty 18.72.

U-11 Boys 600M, Sean Deehan 2:12:68, Luke Gilfillan 2:25:16, Will Thompson 2:27:15.

U-11 Girls 600M, Natasha Simmons 2:15:15, Lauren O’Doherty 2:39:31.

U-11 Boys Shot, Sean Deehan 8.74M, Will Thompson 7.67M, Luke Gilfillan 7.60M.

U-11 Girls Javelin, Lauren O’Doherty 6.50M.

U-13 Boys 100M, Sam Thompson 18.25, 1500M 6:45:82, Long jump 2.95M.

U-13 Girls High jump, Katie Green 1.20M (2nd), Long jump 3.31M .

U-15 Boys 100M, Gareth Kee 12.92 . U-15 Girls 100M, Leah Gilfillan 14.72, Jill Thompson 15.42.

U-15 Girls 800M, Leah Gilfillan 2:49:52. U-15 Girls Long jump, Leah Gilfillan 3.94M, Jill Thompson 3.67M.

On Saturday 18 August in Limavady, 21 juniors took part in a Mini Olympic competition to finish off their summer Track and Field program. It was a beautiful sunny morning for the athletes to compete. On offer for the athletes were four different athletic disciplines, two on Track and two in the Field. Primary athletes did 80M, 150M, Shot Putt and Long Jump. Secondary athletes did 100M, 600M, Shot Putt and Long Jump.

Thank you to the coaches, Bill, Kenny and Katherine and also the parents who stayed to assist and get into the spirit of the competition.

Springwell Juniors in Limavady are now taking a short break but will start back on Saturday morning, 15 September at 10.00am in O’Cahans Car Park.