Busy schedule for UUC Karate

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THE UUC Shotokan Karate Club continues its tradition of attracting top class guest instructors.

Over the next eight months as well as visits from A Croft, 6th Dan, and SHOTO’s T Kilcullen, 7th Dan, local instructors are being invited to teach as part of the club’s eclectic approach to karate and martial arts.

The club, which was established in 1979 by Joe McCullagh, as well as being coached by international instructors such as A Sherry, A Trimble and D Hazard they have also been visited by practioners of the Malaysian art of penkat silat, the Israeli system of self defence krav maga and Chinese arts such as chi gung.

The club enjoys its martial arts association with Chujo Wado Ryu karate and are looking forward to a forthcoming seminar in Ballymena by sensei Iain Abernethy on November 2nd.

The link between the club and Chujo Wado Ryu karate has developed over the years as a result of the similarity of approach from Chujo’s Dan Redmond and NSKA’s Joe McCullagh. Both instructors and their associations are independent of financial and other restrictions imposed by ‘outside’ karate organisations, which means they can offer the nest instruction and experience. Karate bestows many benefit and beginners are welcome at both clubs.