Chris takes win in Bamford Trophy

With a great total of 43 points Chris Millen took the Bamford Trophy on Saturday.

With a relatively modest 19 points scored at the turn Chris finally slipped in to top gear.

A par at ten was followed by a wee two at eleven, seven pars to finish and the eleven handicapper was in with a back nine of 24 points, a surefire countback decider if needed.

It was needed in fact as William McFaull also bagged 43 points.

Unfortunately for the thirteen handicapper his finest golf was played on the opening nine, a mirror image of the winner’s. William grabbed two birdies, a four at the long sixth and a three at the eighth, to balance out a couple of bogies. All this gave him a level par nine for 24 points.

Six bogies in his back nine ate up most of his remaining handicap with 19 further points, 43 overall and second place.

Club Captain Kenny Gault showed a return to form with a good 42 point round from his handicap of six.

His level par round included a front nine birdie three at the third and the return nine saw two birds bagged, a two on the eleveneth and another three on the fifteenth for his 42 points.