Coleraine Ladies extend winning streak to 20 games

On Saturday Coleraine Ladies First XI set out to achieve another win, which would set them on a winning streak of 20 games in the league.

Coleraine started against an understrength Enniskillen team, and from the whistle provided an intense press which was rewarded with a 1-0 advantage scored by Sue Nutt, who latched onto a loose ball, putting it in the back of the net.

Coleraine Ladies Second XI who lost at Mossley on Saturday.

Coleraine Ladies Second XI who lost at Mossley on Saturday.

Coleraine pressed hard for the remainder of the first half but were unable to capitalise on their possession.

The second half proved much more successful for Coleraine, who continued their high possession rate for the rest of the game.

The second goal came from Kelly Watt, again coming from a rebound which was raised into the net.

Coleraine’s fitness proved to be better than the opposition, who were unable to match Coleraine’s pace.

This allowed them countless opportunities down the right wing where Kelly Watt fired balls across the baseline to meet Niamh Tweedie twice at the penalty spot to form the base for two further goals resulting in a 4-0 win to Coleraine.

The link up in this Saturday’s match between Alice McGilL, Sharon Kennedy, Susan Chapman and Alex Balmer proved particularly strong in helping Coleraine keep their clean sheet .

Special thank you to both Stephen McCartney and Philip Tweedie for their coaching, the umpires and all support shown.

Coleraine look forward to their next match against Newcastle away where they hope to continue their winning streak for another game

Meanwhile, the Seconds started strongly against Mossley. The hosts hit back though and found the net three times before the break.

The second half was evenly played with the ball being thrown back and forth up the pitch constantly but Moseley proved the better team scoring a further two goals whilst Coleraine scored their first and only of the match with Erica Tayler scoring a straight strike from a penalty corner.

Fair play to the girls who kept going until the end despite the 6-1 scoreline.