Control your wedge play in the wind

Control your wedge play in the wind.
Control your wedge play in the wind.

The key to good scoring while playing on one of the north coast’s many courses is the ability to play great shots into a strong wind.

When hitting more lofted wedge shots this can be quite difficult, so I’ve laid out some useful tips for controlling the trajectory and distance on these shots.


Focus on a hip width stance and set the ball position slightly further back in the stance so that the hands and club handle set more towards the front leg.


Maintain the balance on your feet at set up on a 70/30 ratio, with the majority of the bodyweight on the front foot.

Try to keep most of this weight centred on the front foot throughout this swing.


To assure a low ball flight for this shot it is important that the wrists are set early in the backswing and that body turn and arm swing are minimised to reduce clubhead speed.

Faster clubhead speed will increase backspin and cause the ball to fly too high.


When moving into impact, really feel that the motion starts from the knees sqeezing the weight deeper into the front leg, trailing the arms and clubhead into impact.

You’ll really want to feel that the hands are passive on the downswing and just flowing through on the bodyline to a restricted finish.


To practice this shot, lay another golf club 8-10 inches behind the ball.

The club should be in a position running away from you.

Then practice hinging the clubhead up and over the grounded club.

It’s important on the down stoke to keep the hands quiet. If you don’t and you release the clubhead you’ll strike the shaft on your practice club.

This is a great drill to help you play the low punch wedge shot!

Michael Langford

Golf Performance Ireland

Roe Park Resort