Council agree to transfer land to North West 200

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CAUSEWAY Coast and Glens Council has agreed to temporary transfer land to Coleraine and District Motor Club for the 2016 NW200.

During last Tuesday’s Leisure and Development Committee meeting, members voted to support the event through a financial funding package and support ‘in kind’.

The report explained that one of the key elements of this ‘in kind’ support has been the completion of a licence agreement between the Council and Coleraine and District Motor Club Limited to temporarily transfer Council land to the club for the duration of the event.

The temporarily transfer will facilitate trading activities, bike and car parking, the erection of scaffolding and grandstands, and other racing team and temporary building infrastructure necessary.

Alderman Norman Hillis praised the event as a “massive asset” however asked Council to put a value on the land transfer adding; “How much does it bring in for the NW200?”

Director of the Leisure and Development Committee, Richard Baker said there was no cost to Council apart from missing out on ‘opportunity costs’. He continued: “Council want to support this event as it’s a huge benefit to the area. There are missed opportunity costs ie areas where Council could generate their own revenue. However there is no direct costs to Council.”

Concluding councillor Ian Stevenson suggested that NW200 officials come to Council for further discussions.

Deputy Mayor Darryl Wilson agreed stating: “It would be good to talk to them about expanding the NW200 with sub events like meet the riders etc. Having a level of engagement helps to enhance the event.”

Councillor Kieran Mullholland proposed the recommendation while Alderman Norman Hillis seconded it.