Council’s Business Breakfast is a big hit for the local community

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With over sixty business representatives in attendance, the Coleraine Borough Council Business Breakfast – networking and information event to support local businesses network with the North West 200 team, was a huge success!

In association with the Causeway Chamber of Commerce and the Vauxhall International North West 200 team, the event was held in Council’s Civic Headquarters and hosted by television personality Sarah Travers.

Sarah introduced the event and provided an overview for guests on what the morning would bring. Businesses were placed at various tables around the room, and met with current sponsors of the Vauxhall International North West 200 event.

Some sponsors are from within the Borough, while others are global companies who have recently come on board. Similar to speed dating! The sponsors moved around the room at 5 minute intervals to provide as much information as possible.

The Mayor of Coleraine Councillor David Harding welcomed everyone to the networking and information event, he said: “Today is an opportunity to bring our businesses on board as part of a long programme of opportunities devised to raise the profile of the North West 200. Council has designed a programme of events to promote the area, the event and most importantly looking at unique ways to support our local businesses.

“I thank the Causeway Chamber of Commerce for coming along and supporting today,

“I also thank Meryvn Whyte MBE in his dedication and support to the North West 200, and of course, thank you to Sarah Travers, one of our home grown talents who continues to support the Borough with opportunities such as these.

“Council provides more than financial sponsorship to the North West 200; it provides an equal amount of support in kind. This can include providing barriers, managing the Race Week Festival, sourcing additional ways to promote the event, and of course, the clean up when everyone goes home! And the list goes on.”

Mervyn Whyte MBE, North West 200 Event Director, provided guests with some background to the event, any changes taking place this year and items of interest.

He was followed by Ian Donaghey, President of the Causeway Chamber of Commerce, who provided some background to the business community on what he has learned and how he believes business can benefit.

President of Causeway Chamber of Commerce, Ian Donaghey MBE stated, “We were delighted to be involved with this networking and information event providing local businesses with the opportunity to hear from the team at NW200 and sponsors. The feedback has been extremely positive and we have identified further opportunities to engage with NW200.”

This event concluded with the opportunity for businesses to have a little fun, meet the Riders and take a few photographs! There was also a chance for one business to win two tickets to the NW200 Grandstand on the Thursday evening of the races. The lucky winner of the tickets will have an experience of a lifetime!